Microsoft – L’utilisation de Cognitive Services par les entreprises pour optimiser leurs services

Today’s cloud has the power to help you create something more human and Microsoft Cognitive Services lets you add knowledge and intelligence to your applications and services.

See how partners are tapping into high-quality vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search technologies developed with decades of Microsoft research.  From facial detection to understanding natural language, to extracting information from images and text, to analyzing content for emotion and sentiment, developers are finding new ways to leverage artificial intelligence with their unique data assets and services to build intelligent experiences.

In this session, we’ll discuss Cognitive Services and how partners are using artificial intelligence to make their services smart.


Zone Cas Clients - Scène principale (517B) - De 11:20 à 11:40


Allan Bonifacio

Chargé de programme sénior, Intelligence artificielle et groupe de recherche