Andre Langevin

Consultant en finance indépendant

Andre Langevin is a creative technology leader who uses his business knowledge and management experience to deliver « change the firm » projects using advanced technology. His excellent ability to communicate and enthusiasm for the businesses that are his clients makes him a sought after participant in technology strategy planning.

Andre has spent the past fifteen years providing technology solutions to a broad spectrum of risk management functions, with an emphasis on quantitative risk solutions for capital markets. An “expert’s expert” in Risk Systems, Andre has led teams developing innovative real-time risk solutions for fixed income and derivatives trading desks at several banks. Andre has also managed enterprise risk technology platforms based on the leading packaged risk solutions, including SunGard, IBM (Algorithmics), Risk Metrics and Razor.


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HortonWorks – L’implantation de Hadoop pour soutenir l’échange en ligne de devises étrangères
Zone Cas Clients - Scène principale (517B) - De 15:30 à 15:50
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