Tamara Dull

Director of Emerging Technologies - SAS

Tamara Dull is the Director of Emerging Technologies for SAS Best Practices, a thought leadership team at SAS Institute. Through key industry engagements, provocative articles, and straightforward publications, she delivers a pragmatic perspective on big data, the Internet of Things, open source, privacy, and cybersecurity. Tamara began her high-tech journey long before the internet was born, and has held both technical and management positions for multiple technology vendors and consultancies, including a non-profit. Her latest publication is called « A Non-Geek’s A-to-Z Guide to the Internet of Things. » She is listed in the IoT Institute’s « 25 Most Influential Women in IoT, »  as well as the « Big Data 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands » and « Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow in 2016 » lists.


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SAS – The Internet of Things: It’s a Kick in the « S »
Zone Cas Clients - Scène principale (517B) - De 13:30 à 13:50
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