The Salon BI and Analytics’ mission is to promote the use of data, informing the business community on the trends and best practices through conferences and workshops while promoting meetings between business people , experts, suppliers and academic stakeholders.

In the effort to adapt to new trends and relying on the experts’ point of view, the organizing comitee of the Salon BI decided to keep, for this year, the name of the Salon as “Salon BI and Analytics”.

Whether they are interchangeable or there exists a well- defined border between the two concepts , it is undeniable that the BI and Analytics terms are present in all conference rooms, executive committees or project managements departments.

If BI is limited to monitoring and the analysis of historical business data, “analytical” then takes on its full meaning in the exploration of data and its in-depth analysis, in order to find new insights . Often based on predictive models and advanced analysis , the goal is to be proactive to anticipate, in the best way possible, situations that affect key business processes of companies.

Increased profits, finding new opportunities and reducing risk, Analytics takes advantage of a new wave of companies seeking to place the information and insights at the center of their strategy as a differentiator. Some solutions have been available for many years , but with the advertising made today around the subject of Analytics and the users more inclined to consider the adoption of these technologies may favor the implementation of Analytics in business lines.