20 Mar 2018
Scène principal

Keynote – Future Thinking for Senior Leaders

Future Thinking for Senior Leaders

“Are we approaching “peak human”? To understand what that means, let’s think about what happened to the horse. As recently as the early 20th century, horses were still central to the way we lived our lives and, indeed, how we worked. With only the train as competition, they were transport; essential for agricultural processes. But around 1910 they were replaced by machinery; “peak horse” had come and gone. Today, we’re seeing a rapid change in our work processes, and the possibility of peak human needs to be considered. I’m not saying all human jobs are going to be replaced by technology, but there’s definitely an enhanced supplementary role for robotics and Artificial Intelligence – and that’s having an impact on the way companies will look at sourcing, employing and paying people.” Ravin Jesuthasan


The future of work promises to bring many opportunities and challenges — likely in the form of radical change — for organizations and their workforces. Leaders need to stay ahead of trends like a growing contingent workforce, rapid advancements in technology and automation, and changing workforce motivators, in order to ensure their organizations remain viable. During his conference, Ravin Jesuthasan, a recognized global thought leader on the future of work and human capital, will take you into the world of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. He will provide insight into how these developments will enhance or replace specific activities within jobs and what the overall implications will be for jobs, the organization and total rewards.